My Nguyen


We want to feel close to nature.


In an urban environment full of technology and industrial architecture, we want more and more the contact with nature. By deliberately integrating nature into our interior or architectural design, we unconsciously associate with it. We try to create a natural environment in which we feel comfortable and it is more than just the integration of one or two potted plants. Natural light, vegetation, living walls, natural structures and materials make us feel close to nature.

This project uses the structure of a nervous system of a plant leaf for applying it to a various everyday object. It creates a natural application and a livelier environment.


This table with integrated plates and bowls offers a different natural eating experience. You don‘t need additional dishes. You eat directly from the table. Each hollow is unique and has a different size and depth depending on its location. This results in a wide range of different dishes. Some are small and deep, which is good for dips. Others are big and deep and are great for soups. The large and small ones provide natural plates. Depending on the use you sit in a different place of the table. The natural structure of the leaf veins determines the seating arrangement according to the type of food.  If there is a 3-course menu, the seating arrangement could change for each course. A natural and not forced distribution of places is formed.







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