1. Growing Memory

Externalisation of Knowledge

The technology of writing shaped our literate minds through various media. Whether we use clay, paper or computers to write down what we think, the basic process is to put knowledge “out there”. This externalisation is crucial to how we think, individually and collectively.

Modern Graphic Design

Modern graphic design reflects the values of its time. We use efficient and standardised tools such als grids or hierarchical semantic structures. Our main concern is mostly the effortless efficient reading process of our audience.
We have also been taking for granted the closed industrial production process of industrial product. Only recently have dynamic digital media eroded this notion of a “finished” static – or even “timeless” – product.

A Graphic Design of Growth

What does an open design process look like, in which the product evolves over time?

Design your own external memory device (“sketch book”) for this semester. Why, when and how are you going to use it? How will it grow with you?

Format: Book Design / Web Design / Information Design